CNN Enhanced

Combining video, audio, and data in a single screen, delivered by both content provider and operator
Nominated for 2 Emmy Awards in 2006, from both ATAS and NATAS

“The most comprehensive 24/7 enhanced TV application on the largest ITV platform in the world.” (Kevin Cohen during joint interview with, May 2006)

CNN Enhanced Launches On Dish Network (Feb 2006)

CNN Enhanced is still to this day one of the most widely distributed one-screen ITV applications in the world, eight years after its launch.  This application was launched while Kevin Cohen served as SVP and GM of Interactive/Enhanced TV for Turner Broadcasting.

User presses select on remote control while watching CNN network
User selects data category by scrolling vertically and individual story by scrolling horizontally, using 4 direction/Select on remote control
User can read first several pages of a selected story while watching and listening to CNN on-air network