zsnuz mobile app

DoubleMan is the creator of zsnuz, the recently launched iPhone and iPad nap timer application.  zsnuz has been called “smart … clever … funky … ideal … perfect … and zen” by reviewers such as Urban Daddy, Gear Diary, Geekosity, and FSMdotcom.

For consumer facing products we focus our attention on high impact design, and a sleek, minimalist look and feel.  The unique feature of this timer nap app is a back to back, roll-over snooze function that requires “zero touch” until the final alarm goes off.

See CNN Enhanced for more examples of the kinds of design we believe are effective consumer-facing applications.

For more info on zsnuz, go to https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/zsnuz-fade-away-snooze-alarm/id509099461?mt=8